Sunday, 3 July 2011


Get your high-fives ready, Apple fans, because we've got some nice hardware news for you today.
In Taiwan, companies that are part of Apple's supply chain have reportedly begun shipping materials for the iPhone 5 and iPad 3. Industry sources are indicating that the two devices will be making their debuts in September before being made available to the public in October, if these manufacturing estimates stand correct.
Details were largely unavailable, but Apple will reportedly begin manufacturing a new type of iPhone model in August before increasing output in September — right in time for the holidays.
Initial observations are also saying that the iPad 3 will be even lighter and thinner than the current iPad 2 model, and may include a 250dpi display — better than this iteration's 132dpi screen, but still a bit under the iPhone 4's ultra-dense retina display, which sits pretty with a dpi of 326.
Mind you, these are all preliminary reports, but the dates sound spot-on and seem to correlate with the public debut of iOS 5.
Steve jobs is not ready for competition .

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